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IT Outsourcing Management

Outsourcing provides the ability to turn fixed costs into variable costs so your expenses can adjust to the ebb and flow of your business cycles.

Done well, outsourcing can provide a competitive advantage in an ever-changing business climate.  Done poorly, it can lead to broken processes, poor quality service, loss of control of critical business functions, and cost over-runs.

Our Outsourcing Management practice starts with a strategic plan to ensure that the business and IT goals are clearly defined and feasible.  Better control of costs is not the only benefit to outsourcing.  Outsourcing provides an opportunity to transform a business unit and this is especially true of an IT organization. 

We work with IT executives to create an organization model based on an IT service architecture, create a transition plan, and manage the outsourcing project from start to finish.  We also perform a readiness analysis that determines if your existing internal IT processes are mature enough to benefit from an outsourcing relationship.

We assist with the:

  • RFP creation
  • Vendor selection
  • Contract negotiations
  • Service level agreements
  • And the transition phase.

We are your one-stop-shop for help with your outsourcing efforts.